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Another satisfied client

When I first came to see Liz I was struggling with massive anxiety and a lingering pain in my abdomen from an episode of Diverticulitis. I had made positive changes, but I felt trapped in a loop of overwhelming stress and fear. My anxiety was all consuming; I was anxious every minute of the day and every new twinge of pain or sensation in my gut put me in a state of hypervigilance about my digestive health. I didn’t feel safe in my own body. I couldn’t rest. I was withdrawing from my family.

That first CranioSacral session was a life saver for me; I came away feeling hopeful and reassured for the first time in months. All the sessions that followed have been absolutely transformational. Liz is an amazing healer and she brings the perfect balance of skill and intuition. She holds the space with authenticity, acceptance, and a comfortable reverence that makes every session powerful.

I now experience stress so differently and I feel truly free of the crippling anxiety that was overshadowing everything for so long. I feel safe in my body and I have a general sense of peace that I have never known before. I am so grateful for Liz and CranioSacral Therapy; they’ve had an incredible impact on my health and wellbeing.


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