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Massage Therapy

Do you experience back pain, muscle tension, or tension headaches? Are you looking for ways to relieve stress and anxiety? Do you want to speed up recovery, boost immunity, improve mobility and your overall health and wellbeing?


Through the use of various massage and energy modalities, our goal is to assist you in restoring functionality and balance to the mind-body.


This is an intuitive, mixed modality massage custom-tailored to the body at hand.  Firm strokes and fluid movements create a relaxing experience with lasting results.


Beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension.  The focus of deep tissue work is on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia. The aim is to gently find your perfect depth for profound and lasting pain relief. Slow, deliberate movements comfortably unwind knots and adhesions.


A combination of massage movements and negative pressure are used to relieve stiffness and reduce inflammation in aching muscles and joints, providing relief from acute and chronic conditions.




Marconics is an energy healing modality used to incrementally raise the client’s vibration and shed karmic patterning from the chakras (energy centers) of the body.




Performed as on ongoing therapy, a no-touch session gently lifts your vibration and energizes the energy centers (chakras) of the body.



A one-time procedure that returns the chakras to their original spherical shape, releases karma and creates a permanent lift in vibration. (2 one-hour appointments on consecutive days.)

Winchester acupuncture, naturopathic, massage therapies

Book a Massage or Marconics Treatment

Winchester Natural Health offers a range of treatment therapies personalized to your health needs including acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, naturopathic medicine, and bodywork therapies. 

I have been a long-time customer of Winchester Natural Health. I have come in for help with headaches, stress, muscle soreness, nerve damage, etc. All my needs are always addressed either with the help of acupuncture or massage therapy, I always leave feeling revived and re-energized which is why I keep coming back! I always recommend their services to everyone!"

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